Studiekeuzebeurs Den Bosch: Study Fair for Prospective Students

25 April 12:00-17:00     (Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosch)

Wittenborg University’s Commercial Director, Dr Jan Waalkens, will do a workshop at the Den Bosch Study Fair entitled: “Which Business Management Study Course is Right for you?” The presentation starts at 14:30. Students interested in a career in business are often faced with a myriad of choices as to which business management pathway they would like to follow.

Should it be Economics & Management? Communication and Marketing? Hospitality? Event Mangement? Or perhaps Entrepreneurship?

During the interactive workshop Dr Waalkens will challenge students to really think about the different specializations under the business management umbrella and try to determine which one suits them best.

The Studiekeuzebeurs is an opportunity for Dutch institutes of higher education, like Wittenborg University, to showcase what they offer potential students while the students get the necessary information which will help them choose where to continue their studies.