Students Help Organise MeetUp055 Event on ‘The Mobility of Tomorrow’

Students Help Organise MeetUp055 Event on ‘The Mobility of Tomorrow’

Debate Hosted by Wittenborg Attracted 50 People

On 28 June, Wittenborg hosted a debate on ‘The Mobility of Tomorrow’, organised by Apeldoorn citizen group MeetUp055 and inspired by an episode of the Dutch investigative documentary TV series 'Tegenlicht’.

The event featured four guest speakers: filmmaker Rob van Hattum, who directed the documentary on which the activity was based, climate psychologist and lecturer Maurits van der Heijde, from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Carbyon’s CEO and founder Hans de Neve and Cormorant SEAplanes’ CEO and Head of Design Chris Rijff. Approximately 50 people attended the debate, which was mediated by Anne-Marit Helmink.

During the session, the speakers discussed new technologies and sustainable solutions for the transportation and energy sectors, as well as how these innovations can reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate climate change. To organise the activity, Wittenborg had the help of four student volunteers, who performed tasks such as arranging the room where the debate took place, preparing drinks and snacks and welcoming the guests.

According to Support Office & External Relations Coordinator Sophia Faraji, both the guests and speakers who attended the debate appreciated the warm welcome, having been impressed by the diversity of the students in the volunteering group. “Volunteering offers plenty of benefits for the people who engage in it, and by participating in this activity students were able to network and meet local people from Apeldoorn,” she pointed out.

Students Help Organise MeetUp055 Event on ‘The Mobility of Tomorrow’

IBA student Alexandra Kukhtina, specialising in Economics & Management, said that this was her first volunteering experience at Wittenborg. “I decided to join as a volunteer because I believe that this is a great opportunity to meet the organisers, other volunteers and local people, as well as make new friends, acquire new skills and gain experience. I really enjoy taking part in extracurricular activities and would definitely like to volunteer again,” she stressed.

Ikram Raza, pursuing an IBA degree in Logistics & International Trade, explained that he decided to volunteer because many of the people who attend these events are from older generations, and he enjoys interacting with them and listening to their perspectives. “I lost my father two years ago and he was my mentor and friend. Since then, I have been volunteering at different events in which I can have enriching conversations with older people about their life experiences. On top of that, this event was really interesting, and I enjoyed learning more about innovative solutions for mobility.”

WUP 13/7/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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