Student Reps Hand over their Official Report to the Executives

Student Reps Hand over their Official Report to the Executives

A Report that Seeks to Better our University.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Wittenborg’s student representatives have completed their report and handed it in to the Executives. The official report is filled with many of Wittenborg students’ ideas and suggestions to improve our institution as a whole. The report was physically delivered by Student Rep President Matthew Skelhorne and soon-to-be MBA graduate Maike Nuyken.

 The report itself consists of 6 parts: Recognition of the Amsterdam/Apeldoorn Campuses, Additional Dutch Language Lessons, Exam Reviews, Guidance, Counselling & Process Tutors, Work Placement and Final Graduation Assignment. To view the full report, please click here.  

This year’s set of student reps were extremely vocal about these 6 parts of the official report during the Student and Staff annual meeting this past March, and they are content that it has been transcribed into formal writing. "I'm glad to see that our Executives are aware of what we, the students, have in mind for Wittenborg's future," Matthew says. "We are happy to have noticed some immediate actions being discussed and implemented right after the annual Student and Staff Conference… We are looking forward to all new developments currently in the pipeline coming to fruition," Maike adds.

CEO Maggie Feng and President of Operations Peter Birdsall were adamant that they will take these 6 parts into serious consideration, eager for their students to feel satisfied during their period at WUAS. Maggie responds: “It is important for all parties in Wittenborg’s organisation to take in these points and adapt to what Wittenborg students need… as the institution grows year by year, we must accommodate and improve as a unit.”

If you are a student at WUAS wishing to suggest your ideas on how to better your experience here at Wittenborg, please do so! There are now two forums created in Wittenborg’s online area: one for masters’ students and another for bachelors’ students.

How does it work?

Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to see the “My Courses Overview” section. In that section you should be able to see and click on the following option: “Reach your student representatives”. Once that is done, either click on Anonymous Feedback if you would like to remain anonymous, or, you may click on “Announcements” then “Class Discussions” if you want your ideas to be available publicly.

WUP 13/07/2019
By James Wittenborg
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