Student Representatives Air Concerns to Wittenborg Executive

Student Representatives Air Concerns to Wittenborg Executive

Student Rep Meeting: Concerns ranged from learning Dutch to how to connect with companies and multinationals

Wittenborg’s new group of Student Representatives met for the first time since their election with the chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, leading to an interesting exchange of ideas on their role in the organisation, how to improve the student experience at WUAS, and preparation for future careers. 

In December 2018 students elected 15 fellow students to represent them. The representatives are a good mix of bachelor's and master's degree students from Wittenborg’s campuses in Amsterdam and Apeldoorn. For the first time the students will also have a representative, alumnus and MBA student, Maike Nuyken, sitting on the Wittenborg Advisory Board that oversees the Executive.

Student Representatives Air Concerns to Wittenborg Executive

The meeting took place in the lead up to the Students and Staff Representation Conference on 5 March 2019. The Student Representatives are led by Canadian student Matthew Skelhorne (bachelor's) and Bangladeshi student Sonia Rahman (master's).  

During the forthcoming meeting students will have the opportunity to discuss issues such as the general student experience at Wittenborg, the overall teaching quality, learning facilities and tools, student accommodation, non-curricular activities and issues concerning disadvantaged students, such as those with mental health issues. They will then give feedback to management.

Student Representatives Air Concerns to Wittenborg Executive

Some student concerns already cropped up during Friday’s meeting. These included requests that Wittenborg do more to help students learn Dutch beyond the basic level. Some students felt that this is crucial if you want to stay in the Netherlands and find employment. MBA student, Sonia Rahman, also expressed a need for Wittenborg to connect in a more effective way with companies and multinationals so as to build a solid relationship, which would make it easier for graduates to approach companies for jobs.

WUP 21/2/2019
by James Wittenborg
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