Strategic Network Apeldoorn Continues Discussion on Transformative Energy Solutions

Strategic Network Apeldoorn Continues Discussion on Transformative Energy Solutions

Wittenborg CEO Attends Strategic Network Apeldoorn Meeting

On 23 January, Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng attended a meeting hosted by Strategic Network Apeldoorn to continue discussions on energy transition.

Various stakeholders gathered at ACEC (Apeldoorn's Centrum voor Eigentijdse Cultuur) to discuss the topic, where Apeldoorn, known as the 'green and generous capital of the Veluwe,' is considered to be at the forefront of this transition.

This sustainability and energy transition event featured inspiring speakers and collectively formulated the initial steps that the strategic network can take on this theme.

Following opening remarks by Nick Derks, Deputy Mayor of Economy for the Municipality of Apeldoorn, keynote speaker Delta Commissioner Co Verdaas guided attendees through the importance and strength of collaboration in sustainability and energy transition. This included insights into the National Delta Programme, which protects the Netherlands against floods, ensures sufficient fresh water, and contributes to a climate-resistant and water-robust design.

Various governments and organisations collaborate on the programme under the supervision of the Delta Commissioner. The measures of the Delta Programme are financed by the Delta Fund, with around €30 billion available until 2050, underlining its significance for the Netherlands. Verdaas also shared insights into his career development and his vision on the importance of cooperation in sustainability and energy transition.

After dinner, Harm Welleweerd, founder and co-owner of Iwell, shared his experience as a producer and supplier of battery solutions. Over the years, Iwell has grown from a start-up to a leading provider of battery systems and is now expanding into Europe. Welleweerd discussed the phenomenon of grid congestion and its current and future impact. Additionally, he addressed the development of batteries and their applications in the future.

Following these presentations, facilitated by Gerwin Hop, attendees engaged in a discussion on developments, challenges, and solutions in and around Apeldoorn. Ellen Luten, Programme Manager of the Energy Transition at the Municipality of Apeldoorn, Vincent Baas, Manager of Raw Materials at Circulus, among others, proceeded to participate in this discussion to ensure the collective generation of ideas and actions.

WUP 10/02/2024
by Erene Roux
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