South African Defers Pilot License to Study at Wittenborg


South African student, Kyle Holtzhausen, was mid-training for his private pilot licence when he joined WUAS in September 2016, as he believed he needed a professional business degree to complement his training.

South African Defers Pilot License to Study at Wittenborg“Obviously, I want to be a pilot, it’s my passion, but a business degree will be a great back-up,” the 20-year old Johannesburger says. He currently has 53 flying hours under his belt – which means he is allowed to fly solo, but not with passengers on board. He will eventually return to South Africa to obtain his private pilot licence for which he needs to pass 4 more exams.

Why did you choose to study at Wittenborg?
I considered studying in South Africa but then my grandfather offered me the opportunity to study abroad. One of Wittenborg’s international partners (ANGELL Akademie in Freiburg, Germany) referred me to Wittenborg.

Which programme are you following?
I am doing an IBA in International Hospitality Management.

What was your experience of the immigration procedures for the Netherlands?
I have a German passport, so it was no problem at all.

Which languages do you speak?
English, German and Afrikaans (an offshoot of the Dutch language), which makes it a lot easier for me to communicate in Dutch.

What do you think about Apeldoorn?
It’s a nice city. Just the right amount of quiet!

Is your goal to be a commercial pilot?
It’s not really about where I work, but about the flying. What I’m really interested in are chartered flights – delivering medical supplies and that kind of thing. I started training when I was 16 years old at Foster Aero International.

Will you stay in the Netherlands after your studies?
I would like to return to South Africa to be a private pilot. However, if a good job opportunity comes my way in the Netherlands I will definitely consider it.

WUP 10/10/2016

by Anesca Smith
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