Sleep during the day and wake up for 03:00 online classes

Sleep during the day and wake up for 03:00 online classes

Salma Catches up Eight Hours Behind CET

Salma Mayela Sierra Sanchez left The Netherlands for her home on Friday 20 March, 2020. Mr Sanchez made a quick decision to bring his daughter back during the COVID-19 crisis. Salma told us being around her family has put her on a better state of mind. Since her arrival back in Mexico City, she worries less about the outbreak and can refocus herself to studies and assignments.

This week, Salma returned to block 6 classes - online. She was happy that the virtual learning environment (Wittenborg-Online) is enabling lectures to happen while she is on the other side of the world. Salma was also glad to reconnect with her classmates. The only difference is, Apeldoorn is eight hours ahead of Mexico City. And in some days, Salma has to wake up at 3 a.m. to be in class.

Being the dedicated student that she is, Salma switched her sleeping hours around. She sleeps during the day to wake up and go to class while everybody else is sleeping. “This is a new situation for me and I’m not used to it. I know that this is temporary so I am prepared to adjust myself,” Salma told us.

Salma may be enjoying the comfort of her home, but she can't help thinking about going back to the Netherlands and further fulfilling her duties as one of the student representatives. She has pledged to listen to the opinions of students and promote their engagements with the university, and Salma opens her door to any online communication channels to enable her fellow students to reach her. She is expecting to hear feedback from Wittenborg UAS students about the online lectures that started earlier this week.

WUP 20/4/2020
by Sylvia Effendi
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