Shanghai Finance University to send ICT students for 1/2 year study and internship exchange.


Shanghai Finance University to send ICT students for 1/2 year study and internship exchange.In talks held last week it was agreed that the Shanghai Finance University's ICT department would send a small group of students to Apeldoorn in February to follow a half year study and internship semester. Students could use the credits gained at Wittenborg as part of their studies at SFU and starting in February could extend their study period into the summer to get full benefit of the time offered.

Wittenborg is developing a full IBA specialisation for the ICT industry, together with IT industry partners based in Apeldoorn, and these students will fuel the development of such a programme. Students ill spend 2 blocks (12 weeks) following an intensive programme of modules that will prepare them for their internship, before being placed in IT companies with an international focus (where English is the normal language used). In Apeldoorn, a number of internationally focussed ICT companies, such as HITT International, Be-Informed and Divitel are based, and the ICT industry has long been calling for an input of ll-round IT business students.

It is hoped that when the finance sector in the Netherlands, (Europe) is able to again take more internships students, that the programme will be further expanded to banking and insurance students

Research: During the talks, Wittenborg and SFU also agreed on brining research faculty together to collaborate on a research project into the field of pensions and insurance. It was established that professors on both sides of the partnership would focus on the issue of "Building a Sustainable Pension System in China". Pension systems are currently under public scrutiny in Europe and are seen as a difficult political, economic and social problem issue, that needs re-developing, and in this light would provide a good backdrop for research.

WUP 24/10/12

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