Seminar: Survival in the Dutch Care Sector

Thursday 30 June 17:00 – 20:30 (Auditorium)

Wittenborg University will host a seminar exploring the question of whether care organizations are flexible enough to survive rapid policy changes in the sector. The seminar flows from research that was done at De Goede Zorg which, like many organizations, faces severe changes for which major management decisions are required.

The keynote speaker is Dr Guus van Montfort, chairman of ActiZ, the trade organization for nursing and care homes, home care services, youth health and maternity care.

Montfort will talk among other things about the impact of legislative changes, regarding how care organizations are financed, and how it can be seized as opportunities for more efficient management of organizations. The seminar, which will be in Dutch, is entitled “Overleven in de Zorg”. It is being held in cooperation with the care organization “De Goede Zorg” and the Vrije Universiteit (VU) based in Amsterdam.  The research explores if big – but also enforced - organizational changes can have a satisfactory outcome for both employees and management.

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