Second Whisky Book from Wittenborg University Press Expected by Summer

Second-Whisky-Book-from-Wittenborg-University-Press-Expected-by-SummerAfter the success of his first book, Whisky Burn - Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa, Wittenborg writer Ben Birdsall has just finished the draft for his second book, which this time explores the distilleries of Ireland. It will be published in time for the summer season by WUAS Press. 

Wittenborg student, Rousanna Baird, who has done a marvelous job the past few months in marketing the first book, says the team is about to start drafting a strategy to promote the second. Birdsall toured both established and emerging distilleries in Ireland over the summer on his Vespa, repeating the formula of the Scottish trip. About the writing of the second book, he says: "I had more experience this time, and was also able to take into consideration the feedback I got from readers of Whisky Burn.”  

“In the beginning it was not easy to penetrate a niche market like whisky,” says Baird. “But research into who are the important players in the industry helped. It is also helpful if you have an influencer who is interested in the book, like we did. It really took off from there.” 

According to her it also makes a big difference in sales when the author meets readers at events. “We can really see a spike in interest during those times.” Birdsall attended a string of events before the festive season, including the Whisky Festival in the Hague, signing his books at the  stand and making further contacts in the whisky business. “I even got to taste some Dutch whiskey,” he added, “which was surprisingly good stuff.”

WUP 9/01/2018

by James Wittenborg
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