Pupils from Apeldoorn Highschool KSG spend a day at Wittenborg!

Pupils from KSG Apeldoorn came to Wittenborg last week to learn about cultural diversity and share their own ideas about what makes them typically Dutch – such as the 3-kiss greeting!

KSG Apeldoorn Visit Wittenborg

Dutch Pupils from KSG Apeldoorn Visit Wittenborg to learn about cultural diversity  

Almost 50 students from the high school KSG Apeldoorn visited WUAS on Friday which they thought was the ideal institute to celebrate Cultural Differences Day.  KSG has been a bilingual school – teaching in Dutch and English – since 2002.  In the Netherlands all bi-lingual schools has to be approved by Nuffic – the Dutch agency promoting internationalisation in the Netherlands – every 5 years. 

KSG Apeldoorn Visit Wittenborg

They got to meet Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng, and Wittenborg admission officer, Florian Oosterberg, gave a presentation about cultural differences at Wittenborg and shared some of her own experiences in managing those differences.  Students also got some inside-information from international students at Wittenborg, Aziamale Kossi Hillaire (Togo) and Nirusika Ratnasingam (Sri Lanka). 

Aziamale and Nirusika  got the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their experience with cultural differences especially during their study at Wittenborg. Afterwards KSG  students took turns to share their experiences with international people and or people with a different cultural background than their own. 

Oosterberg asked students to come up with words which explain their understanding of cultural difference and also what they associate with their own culture. Typical Dutch traditions such as greeting with 3 kisses, Sinterklaas and the Dutch way of speaking directly were highlighted.

WUP 13/04/2018

by Anesca Smith  

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KSG Apeldoorn Visit Wittenborg
KSG Apeldoorn Visit Wittenborg