Prospective Students Asked not to Contact IND Directly about Permit

IND not Happy About Questions from Individual Foreign Students

IND not Happy About Questions from Individual Foreign Students

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has asked prospective international students to direct questions about their intended stay in the Netherlands to the institution they intend to apply to – whether a research university or a university of applied sciences like Wittenborg.

According to the IND, its Client Information Centre (KIC) continues to field a lot of questions from individual foreign students and this summer is no exception. It has, therefore, appealed to institutions to inform students ahead of time that “there’s no point in contacting the IND” to inquire about the status of their application while the process is still running.

“If the need arises, institutions can contact the IND themselves,” they said in a newsletter. “The IND will not answer questions (from individuals) but refer them to the institution in question. It is then up to the latter to decide whether they want to take it up with via telephone or email.”

WUP 29/72019
by James Wittenborg
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