Prof. Rodria J. Laline Navigating WUAS Students through Governance Dilemmas

Prof. Rodria J. Laline Navigating WUAS Students through Governance Dilemmas

"Navigating systemic change requires radical moves by those responsible for leading."

Born in Bandung, Indonesia, and living in Yogyakarta, Wittenborg guest lecturer Professor Rodria J. Laline has had an extraordinary journey that has shaped her perspective and expertise. Her extensive educational background, professional achievements and dedication to corporate governance have made her a much sought-after figure in the field.   

Laline is a founding member of IMDBOND and has held several leadership positions in global research and development collaborations with renowned companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle Corporation, ING Bank, Koninklijke KPN, Groupe Bull, Elsevier Science, Siemens and Philips. During her career, she has been actively involved in global field operations and served as CEO of the Japan and Asia-Pacific divisions of leading companies. She has also brought her expertise to various industries including industrial, consumer, financial services and real estate through various board positions.   

Besides her professional achievements, Laline is one of the founders of Intrabond Capital and an alumnus of IMD Switzerland. She holds several board positions, demonstrating her extensive experience and knowledge in the field of corporate governance. Her educational background is equally impressive, with a PhD in chemical physics. Moreover, she is recognised as a visiting professor in governance and strategic management. Her commitment to excellence is further evidenced by her certification from the American Association of Corporate Board Directors (NACD) in the role of boards in strategy and risk.   

During her guest sessions, Prof. Laline provides students with valuable insights into the managerial dilemmas often faced by decision-makers. She emphasises the urgent need for systemic change in leadership to secure the future. This change goes beyond superficial adjustments and requires a profound shift in the fundamental structures, values and paradigms that shape societies and organisations. She stresses the importance of moving away from vertical governance hierarchies and embracing horizontal trust relationships. "Navigating systemic change requires radical moves by those responsible for leading," she explains. "Leaders must change their way of thinking and create a mindshift to successfully deal with this new reality."

Prof. Laline treasures the experiences she has gained throughout her life. She has lived and worked in more than 20 countries and has been immersed in 16 different cultures. She appreciates the profound impact these experiences have had on her personal and professional growth. "Every international adventure, every encounter with different cultures and people has contributed to the mosaic of my existence," she says. "These experiences have fuelled my insatiable thirst for knowledge, opened my mind to new perspectives and nurtured a deep appreciation for the beauty of our world's diversity. I am both humbled and inspired by the opportunity to explore unknown territories, both geographically and intellectually."

WUP 18/9/2023 
by Niels Otterman 
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