Presentation & Sales Skills Workshop by Wittenborg @ Nuffic Neso Russia / Moscow


At the beginning of June, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will be travelling to Russia! Together with the Netherlands Education Support Office (NESO) Russia, Wittenborg is hosting a special event in Moscow on Monday, 5th June.  
Tim Birdsall, International Sales Director at Wittenborg, will be talking about the exciting opportunities that Wittenborg offers its students, giving insights into the quality and the attractiveness of public and private Dutch higher education for international students.
During this evening, Tim will demonstrate the quality of Dutch teaching techniques and teach the following topics:
Topic 1 - Presentation basics (“You are only as good as your last presentation” – Pepsi Marketing Department motto)

  • Personal Impact. The basic skill of standing up in front of an audience. What to do with your feet, hands, eyes, body, voice, where to stand, tips and tricks.
  • Audience Interaction. How to demand it and create opportunities for it, how to avoid it when necessary.
  • Media Handling. Flipchart, data projector, etc., all the things that can go wrong and how to avoid it, and how to use the room to the best advantage.

Topic 2 – Sales techniques (“You can’t persuade others, but you can help them to persuade themselves” – Blaise Pascal paraphrased)

  • Objection handling. The day-to-day skills of active listening brought to life in a way that demonstrates how good influencing can be something people will respect and admire.
  • Consultative question asking. Good sales persons are conscientious problem solvers, who look for solutions to their clients' situations before they look for their own profit.
  • Pipeline management. Because at the end of the day, your boss needs a number!

Who is the key note speaker?
Tim Birdsall is the Sales Director of Wittenborg and also heads the Wittenborg Corporate Development arm. He has been running presentation skills, sales and leadership workshops in multi-national environments for over 20 years. Clients include IBM, Bayer, BASF, Roche Diagnostics & Henkel. Tim lives in Vienna, Austria, where Wittenborg is opening its first international campus in August 2017.

Tuesday 5th of June 2017 
Time: 19:00
For more information and to register, please click here.
We look forward to meeting you in Moscow!

Tim Birdsall