Preparations in Full Swing for New Academic Year


Growth Without Compromising on Quality on the Agenda for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

On Monday, 2 September, the new academic year will officially start for students at WUAS when classes commence, but this week will already see new students arriving in droves from all over the world, while current students have started collecting their text books.

Preparations in Full Swing for New Academic Year

Almost 100 new students are expected to take part in Introduction Week activities on Wednesday and Thursday, including a lunch where they will have the opportunity to meet members of staff and current students.

The group consists of students who will study at either of Wittenborg’s campuses in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam. They include MBA, IBA and MBM students from countries like Spain, Georgia, Vietnam, Germany, Peru, Argentina, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Iran, India, China, Rwanda, Turkey, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Cameroon and Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, and CEO, Maggie Feng, welcomed members of staff back from the summer break on Friday, with staff attending a series of workshops and dinner. Wittenborg’s Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Dr Ron Tuninga, gave an update on forthcoming accreditation processes and quality assurances. He reminded staff about the importance of growth without compromising on quality.  

On Tuesday, academic staff met for the annual teachers meeting, which takes place at the beginning of each academic year.  

WUP 26/08/2019

by Anesca Smith

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