Peter Birdsall MA.Ed

Peter Birdsall, MA.ed, President
President & Chair of the Executive Board
Country of Origin
United Kingdom & Switzerland
Monday to Friday

Peter Birdsall is President of the Board of Wittenborg. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in teaching from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, in 1997. After this, Peter continued his studies through the UK Open University, completing a Master of Arts in Education Management. His degree was carried out during a period of employment at IJselland (later Saxion) University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, as director of the international office at the Deventer Business School, and focused on three main areas: Peer Mentoring in (International) Higher Education, Curriculum Development in Higher International Education, Management of Higher Education.

Together with his wife, Maggie Feng, Wittenborg's CEO, Peter has embarked upon a journey of continuous development & improvement for the university, steering it towards a path of responsible management & social responsibility both locally and nationally. 

Peter’s career started at the age of 16 when he started a Theatre Company, & has seen him involved in concerns that have activities such as running a bar, a restaurant, a cleaning company, importing furniture, China consultancy, website design, as well as various training initiatives.

Expertise / Subjects
IT Management, esp. (Linux) Systems Management & Web Design
Education Management and Programme Design
E-Marketing & Sales Pipeline Management
Financial Management

New Business Development