Peter Birdsall MA.Ed

Peter Birdsall
President & Chair of the Wittenborg University Executive
Country of Origin
British & Swiss
Monday to Friday

Peter Birdsall is President of the Board of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn. Although small, with around 1000 students and 200 employed and affiliated staff in 2020, totally representing more than 120 nationalities, WUAS' growth is around 15% per year, it is one of the most international privately funded higher education institutes in the Netherlands, aiming to become a top ranking university of applied sciences in the field of international management and sustainable business development.

WUAS aims to develop to the level of a so-called ‘boutique’ university; that is to say, a university that maintains a constant student body of around 1,500 high-quality students, and maintains a national degree-awarding power and can develop and sustain multiple accreditations, staff development, an applied sciences research profile, and an international profile. WUAS’ goal is to develop into a broad business and management-orientated university of applied sciences in various professional fields, such as Business & Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism, Arts & Technology, Health & Social Care, and Education.

Expertise / Subjects
IT Management, esp. (Linux) Systems Management & Web Design
Education Management and Programme Design
E-Marketing & Sales Pipeline Management
Financial Management

New Business Development