Open House Spaceboxes

WUAS - Open House Spaceboxes,  Molendwarsstraat 37/39, 15.30 – 17.00

SpaceBoxes - students of WUAS in ApeldoornThursday the 17th of November Wittenborg organises an Open House for everybody who is interested in this new way of student housing: the Spacebox.

Since last August Wittenborg has arranged 24 of these colourful boxes that are so popular among students, international as well as Dutch, that they will all be occupied by the end of November.

On a surface of 18 square meters the student has his own, fully equipped apartment with shower, toilet, bedroom and kitchen: you have complete privacy, but still are surrounded by fellow students.

To introduce this way of living to the public Wittenborg has invited members of the press, the local government, housing associations and the citizens of Apeldoorn for an Open House. Students, staff, management and teachers will be present to answer questions and show people around.

If you are near to Apeldoorn and curious to see the Spacebox ‘up and running’, feel free to come and have a look. Looking forward to seeing visitors from Apeldoorn and the region on Thursday!