NVAO to Discuss Accreditation Application with Wittenborg on 9 June


Implementing Fast-Track Procedure for Current Accreditation Applications

A panel from the Dutch accreditation and quality assurance body NVAO will hold discussions with WUAS on 9 June after postponing all its site visits in light of the coronavirus COVID-19 in March. 

Wittenborg is applying for Transnational Education (TNE) approval for the full delivery of its programmes in Munich, Germany at the New European College (NEC) and seeking re-accreditation for its Master of Business Administration (MBA) as well as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programmes.  

NVAO has now created a fast-track procedure for current TNE accreditations, which involves the possibility that in-person visits might be replaced by digital discussions. This follows an announcement by the Dutch government that it will ease COVID-19 restrictions from the second week in May. NVAO said in a letter it has decided to make certain adjustments to its current procedures to allow for the assessments without compromising on the quality assurances it provides to new education programmes. "The coronavirus brought procedures at several institutions to a standstill and we view this as an undesirable situation given the legislative demands the procedures are subjected to."

It stressed that the adjustments are temporary and still in line with European Standards and Guidelines.  

Wittenborg formed a partnership with NEC to deliver Wittenborg's bachelor's and master's programmes at their location in Munich. Student numbers there are eventually expected to grow to around 150. The terms of the delivery are set out in a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two institutions.

Wittenborg gained re-accreditation of its MBA from the German ‘Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation’ (FIBAA) in 2019.

WUP 16/05/2020
by Anesca Smith
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