Numbers of International Students in the Netherlands increases in 2012.

International Students at WUASAccording to the latest report by the Dutch Ministry of Education (NUFFIC) the numbers of international students in the Netherlands have again slightly increased in the 2011-2012 academic year. Highlights of the report show an overall decrease in the numbers of German students studying in the Netherlands and an increase in the numbers of students from so-called “crisis countries”, such as Greece, Italy and Spain.

In total, NUFFIC counted 87.100 international students studying in the Netherlands, with numbers of UK students in Holland having also increased, with Germans fulfilling the number one slot (26.050), followed at a distance by China (5.700), Belgium (2.900), Spain (2.200) en France (2.150).

The increase was mainly due to an increase in International Students choosing Master programmes.

WUAS has an ever growing, diverse and multi-cultural student and staff body, now representing more than 50 nationalities.

WUP 14/08/2012

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