New Wittenborg Students Arrive from 22 Countries

When the new academic year starts on Monday WUAS will be welcoming students from at least 22 different countries from around the world.

New Wittenborg Students Arrive from 22 Countries

Most of them attended the first day of Introduction Week activities on Wednesday while the rest will join later this week. The new students are from the Netherlands, Poland, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Germany, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Luxembourg, India, China, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Morocco.

Mint Nguyen from Vietnam says she chose to study in Holland to broaden her horizons and make international friends. She gained direct entry into the final phase of her studies at Wittenborg and will do an IBA in Marketing & Communication after having completed an administration course in Vietnam. She has been living in Holland for the past 6 months. 

“My hobby is travelling. I chose Wittenborg because it offers lots of opportunities to meet people from different countries.” Does she like what she has seen so far of Holland? “Yes, it is a really nice country and people are super friendly. There are also lots of festivals. I like that!”

New Wittenborg Students Arrive from 22 Countries

Kishoraam Gowritharan from Sri Lanka says practically the first thing he bought when he arrived in Holland last week was a bicycle. “I cycled in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands is a very green, beautiful country.”

He also sees Holland as the gateway to the rest of Europe and plans to do a lot of travelling. At Wittenborg he will do an IBA in Information Management. “I like the fact that Wittenborg provides accommodation to international students and all the other facilities.”

Yesterday, the students started their first day with a practical introduction to the university, its online system, the timetable as well as an information session on the tutor system and a talk by the Wittenborg Student Society (SWIFT). 

New Wittenborg Students Arrive from 22 Countries

On Wednesday afternoon there were various information sessions on the various academic programmes and an introduction to Project Week, which applies to all 1st year and 2nd year students.

On Thursday, students attended a workshop on the Harvard Referencing System and also did their first test! A diagnostic English Paper Writing Test that helps to determine their English language abilities. 

Later in the day, students got a tour of Apeldoorn courtesy of SWIFT. Apeldoorn is the Dutch city where Wittenborg has two locations close to the railway station. The day ended with an end of summer barbeque party at the Spoorstraat location where new students got to meet current students and staff.

WUP 2/9/2016

by Anesca Smith
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