New Wittenborg Lecturer Passes Away Suddenly

New Wittenborg Lecturer Passes Away Suddenly

Remembered as "Warm and Welcoming"

Stapert had an MBA from Michigan State University in the US and a Master degree in Marketing from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He joined Wittenborg two weeks ago at the start of the academic year and, among other modules, taught Intercultural Management. Aside from his new job at Wittenborg, he was also a lecturer at Avans University of Applied Sciences for 19 years and a business man at Stapert Management.

Bert Meeuwsen, Wittenborg lecturer and Head of the School of Education, was a close friend of Stapert and will represent Wittenborg on Saturday. Saddened by the news, Meeuwsen commented yesterday:  “He died too young… To me Arjaan was an amazing fellow and, in a way, Bourgondic.  Sometimes a bit different as one would expect from an academic and business man. At the same time in his heart always being the welcoming host, open to all kind of people and interesting endeavours.

“Next to having been active in international business, he was connected to higher education for almost 20 year. At Avans he was involved in many organisational development projects, next to being a business studies lecturer.

“His long-lasting bond with the Languedoc region of Southwestern France was there since his childhood. His family owned a lovely little old farmer's cottage in the area of Les Graniès. My wife and I had to chance to once being there in the month of February, while rain and wind rattled the roofs. The huge hearth was more than warm. This warmth was like Arjaan. Although his stubborness could hamper him a little, a bottle of splendid Languedoc was always opened upon arrival.  His barbeque and cooking skill were famous, as was his love for his young-timer cars, his enormous dogs and especially his lovely wife, Charlotte. We all miss him.”

WUP 21/8/2018

by James Wittenborg
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