New Students in December represent 15 Different Nationalities

New Students in December represent 15 Different Nationalities

"I completely fell in love with Holland after a holiday here" - New international student

The last group of new students for the 2018 calendar year arrived in the Netherlands to start their studies at WUAS this week. Among them, the group boasts 15 different nationalities – Venezuela, Bangladesh, Italian Egypt, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Georgia, India, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Rwanda, the Philippines, Libya and Indonesia.

Last Thursday, during Introduction Week, students were welcomed by Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, at an informal lunch where new students got to meet some members of staff.

Welcome to our international environment

“Welcome to our international environment - It is wonderful to see so many of you here,” Birdsall said. “You will find that at any given time at Wittenborg there are 70 – 80 different nationalities in school.” He encouraged them to take part in the many different student activities at Wittenborg, including the 2019 National Student Survey early next year. “Study hard and enjoy your life as a student.”

One of the new admissions is Elizabeth Flora, a top-up student from Rwanda, who transferred from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to Wittenborg where she will complete an IBA in Financial Services Management. “Initially I wanted to go to the UK but tuition fees are really expensive there compared to the Netherlands. And at Wittenborg you have the extra bonus of a flexible entry-date system.”

Ana Rodriguez Lobo from Venezuela said she came for a holiday to Holland and “completely fell in love” with the place. “I came in spring and everything was so beautiful. Who knows, maybe if I came in winter I would have stayed away – haha!” She will do an MBA in Hospitality.  

Maryam Karami from Iran said she chose to study at Wittenborg because of its international environment. “I want to improve the level of my English. I also hear it’s very safe in the Netherlands!” Karami is a Foundation Phase student.

WUP 12/12/2018
by Anesca Smith 
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