New Students from 24 Countries Started in February at Wittenborg

New Students from 24 Countries Started in February at Wittenborg

A total of 60 new students from at least 24 nationalities started their classes at WUAS on Monday morning, representing a 20% growth from February last year, and putting the institution on track for its 2018 goals.

New students got to meet staff and fellow students last week during a lunch as part of Introduction Week activities, where they were also addressed by Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, who reminded new students that they too can have their voice heard by filling out the 2018 National Student Survey, which measures satisfaction levels among all students studying in the Netherlands.

Among the group there were 9 MBA students, 5 Pre-Master students, 37 Bachelor students and 9 Foundation Phase students. At least 6 students will study at the Wittenborg Amsterdam campus, following the IBA (Bachelor) Entrepreneurship and Small Business. One Chinese student is joining Wittenborg as part of an exchange programme.

The new students are from the Netherlands, Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy, Austria, Bangladesh, China, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Russia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Congo (DRC), Cyprus, the US and Uganda.

WUP 13/2/2018

By James Wittenborg
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