New Perspectives in Education: Wittenborg Participates in AACSB EMEA Conference

New Perspectives in Education: Wittenborg Participates in AACSB EMEA Conference

Annual Event Gathers Business Schools from Europe, the Middle East and Africa

From 26 to 28 November, Wittenborg participated in the AACSB EMEA conference, which this year was held in Rome, Italy. Gathering business schools from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the annual event is aimed at promoting change, fostering innovation and shaping future leaders in the education sector.

The three-day programme featured several panels, workshops and networking activities, focusing on topics such as advancing efforts on impact issues, responsible research to save the world, how generative AI will disrupt business education and the drivers and challenges to redesigning curriculums. Additionally, it enabled participants to reconnect with colleagues, establish new partnerships, expand their network and learn about current industry trends and best practices.

Wittenborg was represented at the event by Head of School of Business Rauf Abdul and Head of Education Development and Quality Management Kriszta Kaspers-Rostás.

According to Abdul, the school’s participation in the conference extends beyond being a proactive part of the AACSB accreditation processes to meet the association’s standards. It is also a way to achieve best results by implementing many of the key points for a great student experience. “Conferences like these provide participants with opportunities to contribute to driving innovation and excellence in business education. They also offer valuable knowledge and insights to enhance the development of both Wittenborg and its faculty and staff.”

New Perspectives in Education: Wittenborg Participates in AACSB EMEA Conference

He added that the event also provided great opportunities for connecting with colleagues and professionals from business schools in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and worldwide, creating possibilities for future partnerships and collaborations.

“It is always good to share our own practices and pedagogies, also getting to know the latest trends, innovations and cutting-edge technologies being implemented by various higher-education institutions across the globe. And it was really great to meet many of the leaders in the sector, including our old friend Ron Tuninga, who is Wittenborg’s former Vice President of Academic Affairs and currently AACSB’s Vice President and Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

Head of Education Development and Quality Management Kriszta Kaspers-Rostás highlighted that by attending events such as AACSB EMEA, Wittenborg is reinforcing its commitment with its core value of internationalisation.

“International partnerships are essential for Wittenborg, and for this reason we often participate in higher education conferences and meetings in the Netherlands and other countries. These activities are a great way to network and exchange knowledge with other organisations, which helps us keep up to date with the state-of-the-art practices in the industry,” she pointed out.

WUP 30/12/2023
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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