New MBA Specialisations Celebrated with Lunch

New MBA Specialisations Celebrated with Lunch

Event Brought Together Staff, Clean Tech and Smart Industry Students

A group of MBA students from two new specialisations – Clean Tech and Smart Industry – attended a lunch with Wittenborg's Head of School of Business Rauf Abdul, Head of Operations Lasantha de Silva and senior lecturer Adeyemi Banjo in March. Apart from helping the students integrate with their peers, the meeting had the goal of enabling them to express their thoughts and feelings about the new specialisations, whose activities started in September 2021.

Among other topics, participants discussed their curriculums, the quality of the teaching and their satisfaction with the research and assessment aspects of the programme. Wittenborg Head of School of Business Rauf Abdul explained that the school makes use of formal and informal resources to receive feedback from students, as part of its internal quality assurance system.

“We met with this small group of students and we had an open discussion; they were really engaged and participative. For us, it is very important to know how students feel about their programmes and what can be done to continuously improve our education delivery,” Abdul said.

Rosa Kouhvand, who is specialising in Clean Tech, said that she really enjoyed participating in the session and pointed out that students appreciated the opportunity to express their views. “The lunch was wonderful and we had a great time together. Apart from that, we had the opportunity to share our concerns as well as discuss some issues and the possible solutions for them. I am glad to be studying at an institution where the points of view of students and their perspectives are important.”

According to Mohammad Azizi, who is studying for a degree in Smart Industry, the lunch enabled students to engage in fruitful discussions with the lecturers, as well as to have a clearer view of the programme and its goals. “I am very excited to pursue this specialisation and I plan to make the most of it, taking advantage of the academic and professional opportunities it will offer me. The discussions we had with our lecturers were inspiring, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them. I am looking forward to participating in more events like this.”

WUP 26/4/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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