New Location for Wittenborg Amsterdam

Spacious new quarters for Wittenborg Amsterdam - the Dali Builidng

Spacious new quarters for Wittenborg Amsterdam - the Dali Building

When the new academic year starts in September, it will also be a new beginning for Wittenborg Amsterdam as its campus will move from its current location on the south bank of the IJ, to the up-and-coming southeast Amsterdam area where many international companies are located, such as the EU headquarters of Adidas and the Dutch offices of Deutsche Bank.  It is also close to the Johan Cruijff Arena, formerly known as the Amsterdam Arena, which is home to Dutch football club Ajax.  

WUAS’ IBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business, also known as Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA) programme is offered in Amsterdam. Student numbers have grown - and are expected to grow - to such an extent that there was a need to expand, says EBA Programme Coordinator, Andreas Ooijer; something which its current location, the UP building next to the IJ, cannot accommodate.

MBA also offered in Amsterdam

From September Wittenborg will also offer its International Master of Business Administration, its MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and its MBA in Finance at its new Amsterdam location.

New Location for Wittenborg Amsterdam

Wittenborg's New Amsterdam Location

“The area shook off its questionable reputation in the 80s and early 90s already, and is now a thriving community of domestic and international businesses, social housing and a robust student population. It has been revitalised thanks to public and private investments and now has a dynamic, multicultural spirit with a young, upwardly mobile population.”

The Wittenborg campus will be located in the Dali Building – named after artist Salvador Dalí – and can accommodate about double the number of students and staff than currently the case. “When we visited the new building during Introduction Week, many students expressed how impressed they were,” says Ooijer. According to him, the available space is also used very efficiently. It is well serviced by public transport and has great facilities.

“All-in-all it is a good fit for our programme as it will be embedded in the local entrepreneurial culture. The move is a win-win situation for our students, and also for the businesses which are located there. It is important for us to have a good connection with the local government, with local businesses and the social communities.”

The interior of the new campus location is currently being constructed to be ready by the end of the summer. “It is a dynamic area, which is not only growing in one direction – business – but also includes social housing and a diverse community.”

WUP 1/7/2018

by Anesca Smith
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