New Dutch Student Loan System in Place

UK and EU students looking at the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management, With the introduction of the new student loan system in the Netherlands, British and other EU students will be able to take out a student loan of up to 10,000 euro to cover their tuition fees.

If British or EU students have 56 hours of work per month (a part time job) they would also qualify for a further loan to cover housing and substance, and a free travel card for all public transport in the Netherlands, valid either Monday to Friday or in the weekends.

This new system has replaced the previous system in which the sustenance loan was converted into a gift at the end of a student’s studies. The so called “collegegeldkrediet” or “tuition fee loan” has always been available, yet a lack of publicity regarding the availability for UK and other EU students has led to a lack of awareness. Information on application for the student tuition fee loan can be found in the pdf enclosed at the bottom of this article.

The student loan is especially interesting for UK and EU students looking at the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management, which is a double degree programme leading to a UK Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management from the University of Brighton, and a Dutch Bachelor of International Business Administration in Hospitality Management from WUAS.

For instance, studied in the UK, this degree would cost £9000 per year (around 11,800 euro) compared to 6300 euro at WUAS, a saving of 16,500 - euro over the three years.

The student loan for study has a repayment period of 35 years at a very low interest rate.

Students can also use the Dutch government loan facilities to finance their UK Master of Science programmes at WUAS. The MSc programmes  - Master in International Event Management, Master in International Hospitality Management and Master in International Tourism all provide graduating students with a University of Brighton MSc degree and a WUAS PGdip (Postgraduate Diploma).

WUP 3/2/2015

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