Netherlands Viewed as "Tolerant" by New International Students


To Study in a Peaceful Country like the Netherlands is a Privilege, Says Iranian Student

International students view the Netherlands as more tolerant and “immigrant friendly” than other European countries, a quick survey among new students at WUAS has revealed.

Students were probed on the reasons why they chose to study in the Netherlands as opposed to other countries in Europe like Germany or the UK. The Dutch are also seen as more committed to leading a sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and keen on sport and healthy living.

Netherlands Viewed as "Tolerant" by New International Students

"Quality of Dutch Education on Par with that of UK and US"

Giti Irantaj from Iran, who is about to start her second master's degree at Wittenborg, says the quality of education in the Netherlands is comparable to the US and UK. “But the lifestyle here seems to be better. The Dutch are more tolerant and friendly towards foreigners. It also looks easier to find a job given the ageing of the Dutch population.” Before coming to the Netherlands Irantaj lived for 4 years in Turkey where she obtained an MBA. At Wittenborg she will do a Master of Business Management (MBM) in Digital Marketing and Communication.

Netherlands Viewed as "Tolerant" by New International Students

"I Want to Work for Microsoft One Day"

Rongai Torongo from Zimbabwe says he chose the Netherlands because: “It seems more accepting of different cultures. Tuition fees are also more affordable than other countries and the Netherlands has an international vibe which I like. After graduation I do see myself working in an international setting, which is one of the ways I think Wittenborg will prepare me for my career. I have big ambitions – I want to be the Chief Information Officer at a company like Microsoft.” Torongo, who just graduated from high school, will do an IBA in Information Management at Wittenborg.

Netherlands Viewed as "Tolerant" by New International Students

"I Want to Learn how European Countries Do Business"

Peruvian student Lady Arotoma Francia worked as an analyst for one of the biggest banks in Peru, BBVA. After doing a 6-month foundation programme she will gain direct entry as a final phase IBA student in Financial Services Management. “I have been to the Netherlands 4 times and I find the people very friendly and environmentally conscious. I would love the opportunity to gain work experience here in the Netherlands and study how European companies do business.”


Netherlands Viewed as "Tolerant" by New International Students

"I don't Want to Be a Millionaire. I Just Want Peace."

Mohammad Rahimy Hamidabad from Iran is another direct entry student who will complete the final phase of the IBA in Economics & Management. Asked why he chose to study in the Netherlands, he simply said: “I want peace. Living in Iran means you are constantly under pressure. The sanctions imposed by the US against Iran make everything worse. I have been in the Netherlands for two weeks and can hardly believe how calm life is here. I could not bear the situation in Iran any longer. I don’t want to be a millionaire. I just want peace.” Hamidabad has a degree in electrical engineering obtained in Iran and hopes to find work in the Netherlands after graduation.

WUP 3/9/2019
by Anesca Smith
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