Netherlands a Top Performer in THE Ranking


Netherlands a Top Performer in THE Ranking The Netherlands is once again one of the top performing countries in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings with the 4th highest number of universities in the Top 100.

However, with many Asian countries closing in for the top spots there has been a call on the incoming cabinet for more investment in Dutch higher education and research.

The US has the highest number (41) of institutions in the Top 100, followed by the UK (12), Germany (10) and the Netherlands (7).

In addition, all 13 of the Netherland’s research universities feature in the Top 200.

“It is a great performance,” said Karl Dittricht, the chairman of the Association for Dutch Universities (VSNU). “As with all top achievements this was only possible with great input and dedication. However, if we want to maintain this level of performance, more investment is necessary.”

For the first time in the ranking’s history, the list is topped by two UK institutions – the University of Oxford (1) and the University of Cambridge (2). In the Netherlands, the top three institutes are the University of Amsterdam, Delft Technical University and Wageningen University and Research.

The VSNU has made a call on the new cabinet to increase funding for education and research. “A strong position in (world) rankings influences the international attraction of universities. A good position is associated with excellent research and good performance in education. That is why investment is paramount. From these new THE figures it is clear that a number of Asian countries who invest in education are making tremendous progress in the rankings.”

Dittrich said that while Dutch universities perform well despite a drop in finance, other countries are hot on their heels. The VSNU calls on the new cabinet to invest in research and education.

WUP 11/9/2017

by Anesca Smith
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