Neso Office Closures


Study Business in the NetherlandsAs of this summer the Netherlands Education Support Offices (Neso’s) in Thailand and South-Korea will conduct its activities from the embassy buildings in Bangkok and Seoul. 

Due to budgetary cuts Nuffic announced last year it intends to close its Neso’s in Thailand, Vietnam and Tapei while the ones in South Korea and Mexico would be transformed to Neso-desks housed at the Dutch embassies in the respective countries.  Nuffic gave the assurance that the Neso-representatives will continue to work independently from the embassies. 

The Neso’s promote education by helping Dutch students who want to study abroad but, more importantly, assisting foreign students who plan on studying in the Netherlands. The slashed budget, effective from 1 January 2015, amounts to 1,9 million euros.

In Seoul two Neso-officials will continue promote Dutch higher eduction in South Korea while Thailand will from now only have one representative. All three will work closely with the Nuffic Neso office in Indonesia which will fulfill a regional function in Southeast Asia.

All the offices in the BRIC-countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are set to be retained. NUFFIC is also considering representation in South Africa and Turkey, though not immediately.

WUP 31/7/2014

NB: this article has been edited to adhere to European privacy regulations. For the current status of Nuffic's activities abroad please check the organisation's website: