National Student Survey (NSE / NSS) 2014

Netherlands National Student Survey (NSS) 2014Today sees the launch of the Dutch National Student Survey (NSE) 2014 at most Higher Education Institutions across the Netherlands. The National Student Survey gives all higher education students the opportunity to give their opinions on what they like about their study at the institution/course they are enrolled in, as well as things that they feel could be improved.

Information about the National Student Survey (NSE / NSS) 2014

What is the NSE?

The NSE is a full-scale annual survey carried out for StudieKeuze123 (StudyChoice123). It invites all higher education students in the Netherlands, studying at participating institutions, to give their views about the various aspects of their learning experience.

What topics does the NSE cover?

The NSE is a wide-ranging survey on many issues and aspects of a student’s learning experience, such as the content and focus of the degree programme; teachers; information provision by the programme institute; learning and study facilities; study load; and assessment and grading.

Why should WUAS students take part in the NSE?

The NSE is a key feedback tool for WUAS. By taking part in the NSE, our students help us improve the academic experience for our current and future students. Also, this year, 2014 all Wittenborg students participating in the NSS take part in a competition that can win a flight ticket to Shanghai, as part of the next student excursion to partner institute Shanghai Business School, or an Apple iPad Air!

What will WUAS do with the NSE results?

Using the feedback given, Wittenborg will decide which areas to focus on in the year to come. So, by taking part in the survey, all WUAS students make a direct contribution to improving the quality of their programme.

What did the University do with earlier NSE results?

In the past year, Wittenborg has looked carefully at, the study load of certain modules in the programme, and the introduction of more generic academic modules in the Bachelor programmes. Also, Wittenborg has increased its efforts to provide improved quality student housing in Apeldoorn, and will continue to do so in 2014!

For what other purposes are the NSE results used?

The NSE results are used by organisations such as ‘’ ( and ‘Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs’ to provide programme information to incoming students. The Best Degree Programmes Elsevier Guide is also based on NSE data. These can be seen a kind of Ranking System of Higher Education in the Netherlands.

Aditional Information for Students:

When can I complete the NSE?

The survey will be open from 13 January 2014 through to 9 March 2014. An invitation will be sent to your Wittenborg email address ( ) with a link to the survey. Tip: complete the survey straight away! You will continue to receive reminders every two weeks until you complete the survey.

How can I take part in the NSE?

You will receive at your Wittenborg email address an invitation that includes a link to the survey. You will continue to receive reminders every two weeks until you complete the survey or until the survey closes on 9 March.  

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and covers all the aspects of studying at WUAS: from programme content to available study facilities.

Can I save the survey halfway through and come back to it later? 

Yes, you can. You re-click the link and continue where you left off.

What do I get for completing the survey?

This year, Wittenborg is offering a lottery prize. Students who send the confirmation email for completing the NSE 2014 to will be entered into the competition. The prize is a flight ticket to Shanghai if the winner is taking part in the project week excursion to the Shanghai Business School this summer, or an Apple iPad Air.

What should I do if I do not receive an invitation email?

Only those students who are enrolled at WUAS will be invited to take part in the NSE. If this applies to you and if the invitation email did not get spam-binned, contact the Student Registrar, Mr Santosh Aryal.

Who commissions the NSE?

The NSE falls under the responsibility of a Trust: the Stichting Studiekeuze123. Stichting Studiekeuze123 was initiated by the Council for Universities of Applied Sciences, the Dutch Council for Training and Education, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands and the student organisations LSVb and ISO; it thus represents the entire higher education sector in the Netherlands.

Who administers the NSE?

The NSE is administered by Intomart GfK.

Is participation in the NSE confidential?

Participation in the NSE is confidential. The survey results will never be traceable to you personally and any reports from this survey will not identify any individuals. No reports will be made on groups of fewer than 10 students.

When will the survey results be available?  

The NSE 2014 results will be posted via (in Dutch) on 22 May 2014, and of course Wittenborg results will be posted and

WUP 13/01/2014