Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA, PhD

Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Sciences
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Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Applied Sciences, is widely recognised as an outstanding and experienced business and finance expert with more than 16 years of international experience. He is also a regular visiting faculty member at LSI Business School Cambodia, and the international MBA program at Coburg University, Germany. His research interests include FinTech, Islamic finance, sustainable finance and banking.

Dr Ashfaq earned his doctorate of philosophy on the topic: “Knowledge, Attitude and Practices toward Islamic Banking and Finance: An Empirical Analysis of Retail Consumers in Germany” from the University of Tübingen Germany. Prof. Ashfaq holds an MBA in Financial Management from Coburg University in Germany, a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance and an MBA in Banking and Finance. He was awarded the Young Scholars Research Award by Bilkent University, Turkey in 2015 for his cutting-edge research contribution to the area of Islamic finance. He was also awarded the prestigious LGFW (Baden Württenberg Government Germany) scholarship for his Ph.D. at the University of Tübingen, Germany. Prof. Ashfaq has worked for several years in the industry and has obtained valuable experience in various management and leadership roles in international companies such as Pfizer, Amanah IIFE and IT Electronic Service in various countries. He has played a key role in the conceptualisation, development and accreditation of study programs in various countries such as the Netherlands, Pakistan, Cambodia and Germany.

Below is the summary of key personal and professional attributes:
• Experience in producing academic plans and curriculum development in various countries.
• Strong track record in quality and assessment.
• Profound teaching experience as a professor in various countries and languages.
• Experience in dealing with regulations and accreditation such as Bologna, UK, German, Dutch, and Pakistan systems.
• Proven ability to foster academic and commercial collaboration at national and international levels.
• Expertise in operational management such as planning and hiring staff.
• Experience in change management and improvement of processes and driving initiatives such as digitalisation.
• Expertise in managing stakeholders and partners at various levels.
• Experience in leading cross-functional teams across various jurisdictions.
• Proven leadership and management experience.
• Entrepreneurial mind and strong interpersonal and communication skills.

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