MSc Accredited! NVAO Panel Impressed by High Proportion of PhD Staff

MSc Accredited! NVAO Panel Impressed by High Proportion of PhD Staff

Wittenborg MBM Programme Approved as an MSc award by Accreditation Body NVAO

Good news! WUAS' Master of Business Management (MBM) has just been accredited as a Master of Science (MSc) for the next 6 years by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). The accreditation panel in its report said it appreciates the "strong international and intercultural character" of the MBM programme, adding that Wittenborg has a long track record of and a distinguished focus on international students.

The MBM, unlike the classic MBA, does not require 3 years of work experience from applicants and is focused on bachelor's graduates from the economics sphere. The positive decision is subject to a few conditions, which Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, said will be "easily met" before the deadline of August 2021.

The panel was also impressed by the qualifications of the teaching staff at Wittenborg and the fact that they are equipped to relate lectures to professional practice. "The panel welcomes the very high proportion of PhD-qualified staff being involved as teachers in the programme. The panel also appreciates the involvement of the teaching staff in the programme and the modules being taught by two teachers. The number of staff involved in the programme is sufficient and the international composition of staff is in line with the diversity of the student body typical of Wittenborg programmes."

NVAO said it is also "positive" about the position, composition, responsibilities and activities of the Graduation & Examination Board. In the panel’s view, the Board ensures the quality of examinations and assessments of the programme. The panel regards the quality and level of the written examinations in the programme to be appropriate and said there is room for improvement in terms of assignments, hence stepping this up is one of the conditions for accreditation. It does, however, view the Final Project supervision and assessment procedures as appropriate.

The panel also wants the finance and accounting area to be strengthened in the MBM curriculum. "Knowledge of this area is important for students to acquire. Students should be taught finance and accounting subjects to enable them to use financial information for strategic and tactical decision-making processes in organisations."

It appreciates the flexibility in the programme, which allows students to start at any of the 6 entry dates per year. "They are also allowed to adjust their study pace to their possibilities and to extend the work placement period."

WUP 17/8/2020
by Anesca Smith
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