Most international students in the UK not expecting to stay, the Netherlands looking for more knowledge migrants!

Most international students in the UK not expecting to stay - the Netherlands looking for more knowledge migrants!Whilst the Netherlands is increasingly looking at ways to bind their non-EU University graduates to the Dutch economy, a recent survey carried out by study abroad publishers "Hobsons" has revealed that the majority of students who head towards the UK for their studies are not intending to stay there.

According to the Hobsons' survey "Just one in 17 prospective international students sees settling permanently in the UK as the main aim of a university education in the country". Hobsons facilitates recruitment for Universities worldwide, including a number of UK Universities, and their survey had around 6000 respondents, of which only 6% responded that they were aiming to stay in the UK after their studies.

The main reasons for choosing a UK University was the international global recognition of the UK qualifications, the safety in the Uk and the increased job opportunities upon return home.

"Although the survey did not cover the Netherlands, other investigations have shown that similar reasons are given for choosing a study in Holland, however if the results were to be similar here, then the government has its work cutout to persuade graduates to set up companies here or work for Dutch organisations", says WUAS's director Peter Birdsall. 

The survey was carried out admits changes in the UK's immigration regulations for international students, which has brought to an end the automatic right to work for graduates (the Netherlands offers all graduates the right to work after graduation). According to the Times Higher Education article, the new regulations also hit hard at private colleges, whose international students have lost the right to work during their studies.

The survey also showed that parent's have the most influence on where their children will go to study, and most students choose their course before the country, submitting an application to multiple Universities before choosing their final destination!

WUP 5/5/2013