Meeting students in Beijing and Tianjin

Students at an agency fair in Beijing Wittenborg director Peter Birdsall held interviews with interested students for its Master in International Event Management Programme this weekend in Beijing and Tianjin. He and director Maggie Feng are visiting China to hold talks with parter institutes in Shanghai, and took the time to see how the recruitment of students and information provision processes were being carried out by agents AOIJ, who have a national presence in China.

The Chinese student market remains one of the most buoyant in the world, and with hundreds of destinations for young Chinese to choose from, is highly competitive. Many Dutch institutes have a permanent presence in China and recruit literally hundreds of students for study in Holland.

With its partial Chinese management, WUAS has had a representative in China since 2003, however will soon initiate a formal representative office in Beijing to communicate with agents, partner institutes and streamline the recruitment and application processes with Apeldoorn.

According to the directors, Wittenborg's main focus in the coming year will be to further develop its partnerships with the Shanghai Business School and the Shanghai Finance University, working on the instigation of double degree Programmes, progression to the Master of Science Programmes and teacher exchange and training.

Director Peter Birdsall explains;  "I had the opportunity to speak to some excellent candidates, both for the Bachelor and Master Programmes. Students were especially interested in International Event Management, and the new Bachelor IBA specialization in ICT Project Management. The sorts of students looking to study abroad vary a great deal, and there is so much choice that they can afford to be choosy, however institutes can also be selective in the students they admit, and this is something that we have been busy to explain to agencies such as AOIJ, so that they can help us in selecting the right students."

WUP 16/10/12