Meet Samira Manouchehri

Meet Samira Manouchehri

Meet Samira Manouchehri. Samira decided to study Digital Marketing and Communications at Wittenborg. Before that, she studied Business and Marketing in Iran.  

Proficient in English, French and Persian, Samira sought to deepen her understanding of digitalisation in a multicultural environment like the Netherlands, where English is commonly spoken.

During her time at Wittenborg, Samira honed her skills in teamwork, professional research and presentations. Her previous work experience has instilled in her a strong commitment to meeting deadlines as well as her proficiency in multiple languages.

In facing new tasks or responsibilities, Samira adopts a proactive approach, immersing herself in the situation and studying the practices of others to ensure success. Looking ahead, she aims to secure positions in Sales and Marketing, to fully leverage her diverse skill set.

To stay updated on career-related themes, Samira primarily relies on LinkedIn, harnessing its vast resources and connections. Her friends would describe her as resilient and determined, always striving to overcome challenges.

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