Meet Sadeep Nadishan

Meet Sadeep Nadishan

Already with extensive work experience, Sadeep Nadishan from Sri Lanka chose to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in International Management at Wittenborg, intrigued by the fascinating world of aviation. Before this, he had studied aircraft engineering at the General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University in Sri Lanka.

Sadeep attributes much of his success to his ability to learn quickly and adapt to new tasks or responsibilities. Whether consulting specialists or delving into in-depth research, he approaches challenges systematically, ensuring thorough understanding before taking action.

Looking ahead, Sadeep plans to stay in the Netherlands for the next five to six years, aiming to further his career and expand his skill set, including learning new languages. With a keen interest in the aviation industry, he remains actively involved in compliance monitoring and safety management, continually seeking opportunities for growth and development.

To stay updated on career and work-related themes, Sadeep relies on the experiences of others, forums and databases. Described by friends as calm, reserved and somewhat competitive, his analytical thinking, communication skills, creativity and articulate nature are qualities that set him apart and make him a valuable asset to any future employer.  

To explore potential collaborations or opportunities in the aviation industry, feel free to connect with Sadeep on LinkedIn