Meet Qais Afzal

Meet Qais Afzal

Meet Qais Afzal, an Afghan national who studied Information Management at Wittenborg. Before joining Wittenborg, Qais studied Business Studies, Economics and Sociology while working with an IT firm called the Nerd Camp. He is proficient in English, Pashto, Urdu and has beginner-level skills in Turkish and Dutch.

Qais was motivated to choose Information Management because of its blend of IT and business. He chose Wittenborg for its international environment and smaller class sizes, allowing for better interaction with professors.

During his time at Wittenborg, Qais developed skills in Microsoft 365, web development, Excel, presentation skills and more. His previous work experience has also honed his teamwork, communication and problem-solving abilities.

When faced with new tasks like understanding PowerBI, Qais quickly learns through online research and seeks guidance from colleagues to present reports effectively.

Looking to the future, Qais plans to find a job in the Netherlands in the IT sector or supply chain. He stays updated on career-related themes through LinkedIn and possesses professional qualities like communication, teamwork, adaptability and leadership.

Described by colleagues as "a very easily approachable guy who always finds a way to get something done and a guy who's fun to work with," Qais is known for his proactive attitude and efficient work ethic.

Make sure to connect with Qais on LinkedIn for potential career opportunities.