Meet Oritsetimeyin Uranran Mejebi

Meet Oritsetimeyin Uranran Mejebi

Oritsetimeyin Uranran Mejebi is driven by clear goals and determination. With a vision that spans the next decade, Oritsetimeyin aims to transform the engineering landscape in the Netherlands through innovative solutions and management styles. He states, "My five-year goal is to develop innovative solutions for managing engineering industries in the Netherlands. Within the next ten years, my goal is to be making a difference in engineering industries".  

Oritsetimeyin, a Nigerian national, obtained a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering before pursuing his MBM (Master of Business Management) with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Wittenborg. Wittenborg provided the perfect setting for Oritsetimeyin to obtain a diverse set of skills, ranging from interpersonal communication to leadership and collaboration.

Reflecting on past experiences, Oritsetimeyin acknowledges the significance of previous work and internship roles in automotive engineering, preventive maintenance, inventory management and design in shaping his outlook and improving his skills.

Oritsetimeyin is dedicated to ongoing learning and professional growth. By leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and Alison, he stays updated on emerging trends and best practices in his industry, ensuring he remains ahead of the curve in industry advancements.

Described by friends as reserved, gentle and caring, Oritsetimeyin brings a unique blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to the table. Companies interested in connecting with Oritsetimeyin can reach out to him via LinkedIn.