Meet Mina Tavana

Meet Mina Tavana

Known for her reliability, compassion and adventurous spirit, Mina Tavana from Iran chose to study Event and Hospitality at Wittenborg because of her love for organising events. With a background in translation, she says that she has "always been drawn to creating memorable experiences for others and wanted to gain expertise in this field."

Regarding her choice of Wittenborg, Mina shares, "I was impressed by Wittenborg's commitment to quality teaching and its international focus. It felt like the right place to pursue my academic goals."

Speaking about her plans for the future, Mina expresses, "I aim to secure a role where I can apply my event-planning skills to enhance brand visibility and create unforgettable experiences. Professional growth and continued education are also priorities for me."

When asked about her approach to staying updated in her field, Mina states, "I use various resources, including industry publications, online courses and networking events to ensure I remain informed about career-related topics."

Regarding her professional qualities, Mina emphasises, "Creativity, attention to detail, and effective communication are some of my strengths. I believe these qualities set me apart and make me a valuable asset to any team."

Reflecting on her personal attributes, Mina says, "My friends often describe me as dependable, compassionate and adventurous. I enjoy being there for others and thrive in new and exciting experiences."

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