Meet Maryam Shahpasandzadeh

Maryam Shahpasandzadeh

Maryam Shahpasandzadeh, originally from Iran, is not afraid of challenges and has a growth mindset. After working for many years as an English teacher, interpreter and translator, she decided to start over again by moving to the Netherlands to study for an MBA degree in International Management at Wittenborg.  

“I wanted to open new doors and opportunities for myself, especially because translating for foreign companies was no longer possible in Iran after the sanctions. I chose Wittenborg because I found that it would be a great place to have a fresh start,” she says. 

While pursuing her degree, Maryam gained valuable insights into organisational structures and how specific departments function. Currently, she is actively seeking internship opportunities in Human Resources or Marketing to further immerse herself in Dutch work culture and prepare for transitioning into a new career.  

Among other qualities, Maryam is ambitious, resilient and friendly. She is looking forward to learning new things and developing her skills.  

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