Meet Khanh Vy Le (Chloe)

Meet Khanh Vy Le (Chloe)

Khanh Vy Le (Chloe), hailing from Vietnam, holds communication and creative problem-solving in high regard. With a degree in MCI (Marketing Communication & Information) from Wittenborg and a Bachelor of Arts in Descriptive Linguistics from Vietnam, Khanh now seeks a senior advertising or media marketer role in the Netherlands.

Driven by her passion for science, arts and business, Khanh naturally gravitated towards the MCI pathway at Wittenborg. "I chose Wittenborg for its exceptional services for international students and its practical approach to education," she explains. "The practical case studies and project weeks were particularly notable."

Throughout her studies at Wittenborg, Khanh honed her communication skills and developed expertise in planning and scheduling. These experiences equipped her with in-depth knowledge of social media marketing and reporting.

Adaptable by nature, Khanh thrives in diverse work environments. "In a previous role, I had to liaise with suppliers across the country for monthly gifting projects," she recalls. "Understanding each vendor culture and processes helped me adjust budgets effectively."  

Khanh stays updated with industry trends through platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed and CareerBuilder, as well as Wittenborg Connect (Alumni Posts).

Her professional qualities include proficiency in implementing and negotiating Public Relations (PR) activities such as relations support, event coordination and administrative tasks.

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