Meet Farzad Mian Zarasvand

Meet Farzad Mian Zarasvand

Farzad Mian Zarasvand, a graduate from Iran, holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Wittenborg. With a background in Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and a bachelor's in Computer Software Engineering and Computer Hardware Engineering, Farzad brings a wealth of technical expertise to his studies.

"I chose the Netherlands as my destination because of its renowned educational system and thriving technology market," Farzad explains. "As a technical engineer, I recognised the importance of complementing my technical expertise with business knowledge."

Studying at Wittenborg has equipped Farzad with a range of skills and competencies. "Studying strategic management has honed my ability to analyse complex business environments, formulate effective strategies, and make informed decisions to achieve organisational goals," he notes.  

"Through other courses such as Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Operation Management, I've gained expertise in evaluating investment opportunities, assessing risk and understanding the financial dynamics of startup ecosystems."

With extensive experience as a software engineer and data specialist, Farzad emphasises his adaptability and problem-solving abilities. "Throughout my career, encountering new tasks or responsibilities has been a common occurrence," he states. "Each new task presents an opportunity for growth and development, fuelling my enthusiasm for expanding my skill set."

Looking to the future, Farzad aims to secure a position where he can leverage his expertise to drive innovation within organisations. "I am looking for a role that offers opportunities for professional growth, skill development and the chance to work on challenging and impactful projects," he says.

Reflecting on his professional qualities, Farzad highlights leadership, negotiation, adaptability, problem solving, communication and teamwork as key strengths. "My friends would likely describe me as dependable, approachable and supportive," he adds. "They might say I'm someone who is always there to lend a listening ear or offer a helping hand when needed."

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