Meet Danial Amir

Danial Amir

Danial Amir, originally from Pakistan, is currently pursuing an MBM (Master of Business Management) in Logistics and Trade at Wittenborg. With a bachelor's degree in Business and Economics from the University of Amsterdam, Danial brings a solid foundation to his current studies.

Proficient in English and Urdu, Danial finds inspiration in Wittenborg's practical approach and the diverse environment of the Netherlands, which fuels his desire to specialise even further in logistics and trade. He explains, "I am very interested in economics and finance, aiming to build a sustainable career through perseverance and hard work."

Reflecting on his time at Wittenborg, Danial emphasises the key skills and competencies he has developed, including people skills, work-life balance, management, task completion and practical experience, including a stint as an intern in Wittenborg's Admissions Department. This enhanced his professional soft skills and reinforced his ability to work in a diverse team.

When discussing his professional qualities and soft skills, Danial highlights his proficiency in Microsoft Office, strong problem-solving abilities, resilience in stressful situations and adaptability to various challenges. Described by his friends as calm, task oriented and friendly, Danial says that he is great at effectively managing responsibilities and building positive relationships.

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