Meet Belinda Kugonza

Meet Belinda Kugonza

Meet Belinda Kugonza, a Ugandan national who pursued an MBM (Master of Business Management) in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Wittenborg. Before coming to the Netherlands to further her studies, Belinda completed her bachelor's in International Business and Management at Ugandan Christian University Mukono.

Motivated by family connections in the Netherlands, Belinda chose Wittenborg for its responsiveness and personal connection.

During her time at Wittenborg, she developed skills in adaptability, cross-cultural communication, research, critical thinking and problem-solving.

With previous work experiences in relationship building, cross-selling, upselling, and problem resolution, Belinda is ready for the next step. She's adept at quickly learning and adapting to new tasks, breaking them down into manageable steps and seeking clarification as needed.

Looking ahead, Belinda aims to excel in customer-relationship and management roles within globally diverse teams. She stays updated on career-related themes through platforms like LinkedIn, Coursera and podcasts.

Belinda's standout professional qualities include resilience, attention to detail and empathy. Friends describe her as autonomous, adaptable and self-reliant.

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