Meet Alireza Sadati

Meet Alireza Sadati

As a highly energised and motivated civil engineer with over nine years of experience in the oil and gas industry and energy sector, Alireza Sadati pursued his MBA (Master of Business Administration) in International Management at Wittenborg.

During his time at Wittenborg, Alireza developed important skills and competencies, including effective communication, project management, critical thinking and a deep understanding of business.

With experience in design, engineering and construction fields, Alireza is now seeking his next endeavour, ready to take on new challenges in his career.

When faced with situations requiring quick learning and adaptation, Alireza prioritises a proactive approach by breaking down tasks, seeking guidance when needed and leveraging existing skills to expedite the learning process.

He now aims to secure a challenging role in a construction company where he can apply and further develop his skills. He plans to contribute meaningfully to projects, take on responsibilities aligned with his career goals and continue growing professionally.

Alireza stays updated on career and work-related themes through platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube and Udemy. His key professional qualities include strong communication skills, attention to detail, adaptability and a solution-oriented mindset.

Described by friends as reliable, supportive and possessing a positive outlook, Alireza brings an uplifting energy to social situations.

Connect with Alireza on LinkedIn to explore potential collaborations or opportunities in the construction industry.