MBM Thesis Analyses Market Entry Strategies in the Dutch Sesame Oil Industry

MBM Thesis Analyses Market Entry Strategies in the Dutch Sesame Oil Industry

Hossein Parvin’s Study Focuses on Challenges Faced by New Companies

With a long track record in business management, having run his own company for 10 years in Tehran, Iranian MBM student Hossein Parvin chose the Dutch sesame oil industry as the subject of his graduation assignment. Parvin’s research is divided into two main subtopics: while the first part seeks to identify the determinants of the Dutch sesame oil market, the second section analyses how companies in this sector develop their market entry strategies.

The student, who has just completed a degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Wittenborg, explains that he chose this topic with the goal of learning more about business in the Netherlands in order to prepare for the next phase of his professional life. “I found this subject relevant because, according to statistics, the consumption of oils and fats in the Netherlands is high, and the country currently stands at the third position in Europe. So, it is definitely a profitable market,” he stresses.

To conduct the investigation, Parvin adopted a mixed-methods approach, involving qualitative and quantitative techniques. While information about the market determinants was mainly obtained from academic and government sources, research on the development of market entry strategies relied on interviews done with seven experts, including four Wittenborg lecturers and three professional consultants. In addition to that, the student administered a survey to prospective sesame oil customers, in order to collect data about their preferences. Parvin says that he also wrote to some companies to gather information, and adds that his research was facilitated by data transparency policies in the Netherlands as well as people’s willingness to help.

Among its conclusions, the study finds that, given the highly competitive character of the Dutch sesame oil industry, companies need to invest in promotion and strive for available markets. Moreover, according to the research, the authenticity of specialty oils such as sesame oil is an increasingly important issue in Europe.

Regarding his plans for the future, Parvin says he would like to stay in the Netherlands and work on developing his career. “I am currently studying Dutch and also searching for new opportunities. Perhaps I will set up a company here, or find a good job at a top organisation to broaden my horizons,” he points out.

WUP 12/5/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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