MBM Student Completes Internship at Wittenborg’s Communication Department

MBM Student Completes Internship at Wittenborg’s Communication Department

Bahar Ghiasi Asl Stands Out for Positive Energy and Professionalism

By doing an internship at Wittenborg’s Communication Department between October 2021 and last April, MBM student Bahar Ghiasi Asl, who is pursuing a degree in Digital Marketing & Communication, had the opportunity to make new friends and develop new professional skills. Among other tasks, she was responsible for creating designs, planning the social media timeline and writing the person of the week posts published on the school’s accounts, which involved doing interviews with other students as well as lecturers.

“Before doing this internship, I had never worked with social media, so it was great to do that in an organisational setting and it also helped me improve my writing skills. Plus, I had the chance to work in an environment that was completely different from the workplace culture of my home country, Iran, and this enabled me to understand how people here interact and socialise with each other,” Ghiasi Asl says.

She adds that working at Wittenborg has brought her closer to many of its staff. “One of the best things about this job is that I would always be going to fun events, and I met lots of amazing people who work at the school. Because of that, now I feel even more at home when I am at Wittenborg.”

Marketing & Communications Project Manager Marius Zürcher emphasised that Ghiasi Asl is not only a talented designer, but also one of the best interns the Communication Department has had so far. “Bahar came in at just the right time, as we were in urgent need of a designer. Her speed and diligence made life easier for all of us.”

Corporate Relations Manager Iryna Bernatska described the student as a quick learner and a reliable team member, stressing that Ghiasi Asl has the skill to feel the brand and adapt to Wittenborg’s communication needs. “She is also open-minded, easy to get along with and a friendly person. By being open about her feelings and worries during her internship, Bahar made it easier to build our connection.”

MBM Student Completes Internship at Wittenborg’s Communication Department

Choosing Wittenborg

Ghiasi Asl has been studying at Wittenborg since March 2021, having completed a pre-master’s programme before starting her MBM degree, and plans to graduate in early 2023. Back in Tehran, where she had obtained a master’s degree in Graphic Design, she worked as a graphic designer and also owned and managed a TRX training club.

She mentions that, after deciding to study in the Netherlands, one of the main reasons why she chose Wittenborg was the fact that the school has six entry points per year, which makes it very practical for prospective students. “I went through an entire list of Dutch educational institutions from A to Z, and Wittenborg’s six-block system immediately appealed to me. Four months after applying, I was already in the Netherlands; it was a fast and straightforward process. On top of that, I really like how the school gives students the chance to have practical experience in companies, and the environment here is just great. There are a lot of international people from diverse backgrounds at Wittenborg, and we all learn from each other.”

New Experiences

Apart from her studies, Ghiasi Asl has been busy with other activities, such as temporary jobs in the food and hospitality sectors, self-studying Dutch and learning web development on SheCodes, an international online platform that offers free courses for women. “I am about to get a certificate as a front-end developer, and next I am going to move to React, Response and other levels of development. After I graduate, I would like to have a job in graphic design or web development and, since these fields are connected, having both skills will help me get better jobs,” she highlights.

Regarding her life in the Netherlands, Ghiasi Asl says that she really likes the fact that she can cycle everywhere, and describes the Dutch as happy and welcoming people who often smile at strangers. “Here, I am calm, relaxed and everything is well-organised, easy and goes smoothly. People are very nice and friendly, and I feel I am home in the Netherlands.”

One of the most memorable experiences she has had in the country was running a half-marathon in Amsterdam last year. “When I arrived here, I saw that everyone was running and thought: ‘You know what? I can do that too’. So, I practiced for six months and ran the half-marathon in two hours and twenty minutes. I was really proud of myself, and this has been one of my best experiences in the Netherlands so far,” she recalls.

WUP 29/4/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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