Marius Zürcher offers to help fellow students or staff with free marketing advice

Marius and Maike invite Wittenborg family members looking to start or expand their businesses to reach out to them for free advice.

Meet Marius Zürcher, a Wittenborg MBA graduate in Hospitality Management. Upon finishing his bachelor's degree, he followed his passion for setting up and running a marketing agency. He collaborated with Maike Nuyken, who is now his business partner.

In 2015, they launched “1520”, a marketing consulting company that helps businesses reach millennial and Gen-Z audiences. They have served multiple hospitality-focused clients in Germany, participated in panels at trade fairs and support more established consultants with marketing concepts and strategies. 1520 has helped a Wittenborg student’s business along this journey too. They provided startup advice focused on fashion and accessories.

Marius comes from a hotel management background. His parents owned and ran a hotel in Germany for years before finally selling it to set up a new hotel in the Netherlands. Marius and Maike were taking the lead for this new venture and planning to incorporate 1520 within it. But then, COVID-19 struck.

Not only did the new hotel need to be postponed, Marius was now faced with a significant drop in client interest for 1520. “Everything will get back to normal eventually, but for now we’ll just have to understand that our clients have to be really careful with their marketing expenditures. Survival mode for everybody,” Marius explained. During this downtime, however, Marius and Maike invite any Wittenborg family member looking to start or expand their businesses to reach out to them for free advice.

Wittenborg respects his dedication and  persistence. We would like to support his passion by sharing his young entrepreneurship journey, spreading the word about his unique business concept. reported a 52% increase in online sales since the onset of COVID-19. As digital native audiences are 1520’s area of expertise, Marius and Maike can start to hold their heads up high. We can all be inspired from his journey and help promote by sharing his website, this news release or following their social media accounts.

WUP 1/6/2020
by Sylvia Effendi
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