Lessons on Marketing from Nike

Lessons on Marketing from Nike

"Landing the job was as easy as writing  a good CV and cover letter"

Sportswear brand Nike has been lauded far and wide for its recent social-conscious marketing choices, from the New York Times to the Australian Herald - which makes Wittenborg student, Tomi Oshin, even prouder to work as a sales advisor for Nike’s flagship Amsterdam store in the Kalverstraat. He believes he can learn a lot from their continual on-target marketing strategies.

Oshin, who is from Nigeria, is doing an IBA in Economics & Management at WUAS. He has been in the Netherlands for 4 years and stays in Amsterdam, although he studies at Wittenborg’s Apeldoorn campus.

“I always wanted to work for Nike – it is a great brand which pays a lot of attention to detail and they really understand their target market as you can see from their latest campaign. In fact, all of their marketing campaigns are well-thought through. They have vision and know how to inspire and relate to people.”

How did he land the job? “I wrote a good CV and cover letter and submitted it to the manager. A few days later I got called in for an interview and that is how I got the job.” He says the favorite part of his job as sales advisor is to interact with customers and to help them. Does he profile customers as is so often said of sales assistants? “No, I don’t do that. First impressions can be misleading so I treat everyone the same.”

After graduating he wants to pursue further studies in Project Management – possibly in the UK where his father lives. “I love the Netherlands, the culture and the environment, but I think the language will always be an obstacle for me.”

WUP 04/11/2018

by James Wittenborg
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